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About Unite Us

Established in 2016, Unite Us Logistics is a minority-owned Carrier and 3PL logistics company based out of Memphis, TN. TN. Founded by two veterans in the transportation industry, Thomas Johnson Sr., Chief Executive Officer and James Glover Jr., Chief Operating Officer, UUL has an unprecedented business value system where commitment is quality, process delivery is timely, and service is first-class. The mission of UUL is to offer exceptional customer service while implementing core values that include: integrity, accountability, commitment, and efficiency. Through a wealth of industry experience and innovative technology, UUL is confident in exceeding the expectations of our customers. Our team is well equipped to honor our commitments to our clients while providing owner operators a platform to prosper.

About the Team

Thomas Johnson, Sr., a former professional athlete of the National Football League, has a wealth of knowledge and industry experience. In the transportation industry, Mr. Johnson has served as both a dispatcher and professional truck driver. He has received accolades with companies that include A.D. Johnson, Western Express and Allstate Carriers. Mr. Johnson’s cross-training and tenure in both the NLF and transportation industry is a valuable asset in the growth and expansion of Unite Us Logistics.


Thomas Johnson is also the Ambassador of the Athletes in Logistics (AIL) program. AIL is a comprehensive education and training platform designed to transition professional athletes from the playing arena to the transportation and logistics industry. The AIL platform provides a step-by-step education, development and consulting service for professional athletes who are seeking business and career opportunities in transportation and logistics industry.


James Glover Jr. has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the transportation industry. While serving in a lead capacity with a regional non-emergency medical transportation company, Mr. Glover became a specialist in managing the distribution and logistics of products and services. He mastered the art of time efficiency, fuel cost savings, reduced route times, and equipment longevity. Mr. Glover’s experience proves to be a valuable asset in the day-to-day operations and success of Unite Us Logistics.

Why Choose Us

Unite Us Logistics takes pride in offering exceptional product service delivery by using reliable equipment, state of the art technology, and a committed team of professionals. We maximize the efficiency of service delivery while decreasing the cost of transporting products and goods. Unite Us Logistics is confident in our proven ability to manage shipments efficiently offering customers peace of mind.


Unite Us Logistics offers several years of industry experience and unlimited expertise to track, manage inventory, report, and offer timely delivery. In addition, as a Certified Member of the  The National Minority Supplier Development Council, Unite Us Logistics has an industry advantage. With hands on training, quality education, exclusive access to constant guidance, and reliable consultation, Unite Us Logistics has the fundamental tools and business acumen to be successful in this industry.

Because commitment is quality we work hard to create both a client and driver retention program that is aligned with our overall mission. Our hands on customer service approach ensures quality control and paramount professionalism. With a skilled set of professionals we can truly pull the freight of the world.

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